1 Pair Magnetic Therapy Fingerless Gloves for Arthritis and Pain Relief

  • $13.95
  • Save $10

Unique Gloves for Pain Relief, Injuries, Stiffness, Inflammation and Arthritis:

  • Very comfortable, lightweight gloves provide gentle compression and massaging relief.
  • Does not hinder daily activities.
  • Very Effective!  Helps improve circulation, accelerating the natural healing process.
  • Uses concentric circle magnets, providing a unique magnetic field configuration that aligns the ions in your blood stream to increase circulation.
  • Extra blood flow in your hands and fingers accelerates healing, reduces pain, and rejuvenates your hand!
  • Provides pain relief in hands caused by arthritis, stiffness or stress!
  • Offers gentle compression and massaging for all day relief.
  • Stretchable material for light compression and insulating hands, keeping them warm!
  • Fingerless design for flexibility in daily tasks.
  • Suitable for men or women. One size fits all.
  • CAUTION: Not suitable for pacemaker users or during pregnancy.