Self-heating Healing & Therapeutic Neck Brace

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Effective Therapeutic/Healing Magnetic Neck Brace

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  1. Relieves many symptoms of neck injuries including pain and discomfort, sprains, stiffness and minor swelling;
  2. Helps to stabilize and secure your neck to prevent too much movement which may aggravate your painful condition;
  3. Uses Magnetic Therapy to speed up healing and recovery from pain and injury;
  4. Keeps your neck naturally warm because of the construction of the brace as well as the components of the brace;
  5. Used by customers who suffer from arthritis, joint disorders, and injuries from sports, traffic accidents or workplace mishaps;
  6. Helps to improve many types of neck problems irrespective of the roots of the discomfort; 
  7. CAUTION: Should not be used by individuals with Pacemakers or other medical implant devices; Please consult your medical practitioner for medical advice regarding your neck problem or associated issues.