Quit Smoking Acupressure Magnetic 'Ear Patch'

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Very Effective Quit-Smoking Device
  • Based on Chinese Acupuncture and Acupressure which have been used for centuries to tread addiction problems. 

  • Ear acupuncture has even been used in ancient Egypt, North Africa, Greece, Rome and the entire Mediterranean area. 

  • Decades of Western research in some of the top University Medical Research Centers have shown that when certain points on the ear are stimulated patients addictive behaviors diminish and disappear. 

  • Tests have been conducted successfully on cigarette smokers, users of other nicotine products, and even on cocaine and heroin users. 

Don't Believe? Do your own research...

  • Examine studies from: The US National Institutes of Health (NIH); The US National Institute on Mental Health; 

  • Examine the thousands of research papers from every corner of the planet;

  • Take a look at the hundreds of books in online libraries and book stores and hundreds of thousands of articles online written by credible authors;

  • Check You Tube or Vimeo for the thousands of videos describing the process and the benefits...

  • But you won't have to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to learn either acupuncture or acupressure.

  • You won't have to go to an Acupuncture Doctor and spend hundreds of dollars for repeat treatments either.

  • Just use our Acupressure Magnetic 'Ear Patch' on the outer ear! It can work wonders for you or your loved ones! 

Here is how It Works

  1. The Magnetic 'Ear Patch' uses two bio-magnets placed on a precise point on the outer ear.
  2. The gold-plated magnetic casing acts as both a natural conductor and protects against any allergic reactions.
  3. You can place it on your ear in seconds, then go about your daily activities.
  4. The inherent properties of the two bio-magnets keep them in place by magnetic attraction.
  5. By placing Quit Smoking Acupressure Magnetic 'Ear Patch' on your ear, you are stimulating a key acupressure point. The magnets stimulates and places pressure on this specific acupuncture point so that this triggers the release of your body's natural endorphins into your brain. This then mimics the internal process that makes the body erroneously believe that you have satisfied the urge to smoke. Over time, your craving and desire to smoke will wane and dissipate completely.
  6. Please note that these magnets apply pressure to the precise acupuncture spot on the ear and can cause some discomfort. However this should reduce and diminish after a couple of hours.  Because we are all different, the level of discomfort will vary from person to person, depending on their own individual "threshold".